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´╗┐Lowe's files application to open in Norwalk

I think it is in the Town of Norwalk's best interest to not let their constituency know when such regulations as "spot zoning" are being considered: was this a highly publicized and controversial issue that would have let local residents know this was happening or was it known to only the few who must keep their head to the ground in a constant effort to regulate the regulators? It is not fair to criticize non partcipation for issues largely unknown to the voting public.

I only learned about zoning regulations for my part of town when we learned, after every permit was granted to a developer and even though the 30 day notice to adjacent residents was non compliant, that a public meeting would be held and we had less than two days to organize participation. I believe this is the way the "in crowd" on town boards and councils want it so they can do whatever they think is best without input from the neighborhoods. That process is just too messy for them.

If the city leadership is promoting retail over manufacturing, I am not surprised. I know of quite a few inventors and designers who create here and manufacture off shore because it is the only way they can get their products to market. What incentives is Norwalk providing to make this process of manufacturing affordable and profitable to the creators/manufacturers? If the same kinds of tax incentives as seemingly is allowed for retail and mixed use office space is granted manufacturing in order to make it possible to create here, I know these inventors would do it. Quality and oversight in addition to the elimination of constant travel to check on inventory, shipping and distribution would be welcomed. The pressures of foreign competition at the moment, however, are far too great to compensate for Billig Generisk Cialis the distinct lack of creative city leadership to address these problems.

Where the heck was everyone when we were fighting the spot zoning regulation that allowed this to happen?! If local candidates are serious about bringing meaningful jobs and manufacturing back to Norwalk, then where the heck are they when the city's leadership "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" is only promoting retail?? Next up: BJ'S on Main Avenue, where I'm sure more spot zoning will be approved something like "approved only in a zone that is within 1/2 mile of a parkway that begins with M and ends in T". I only hope that the pay off on that one is WAY more than a $20k grant for a park pavilion. Considering retailers pay NO taxes on their inventory, and that Lowes is planning to construct only a 134,000 square foot facility, I wonder if it's possible that Norwalk might get LESS tax revenue from this venture when all is said and done. Definitely not a smart move on behalf of the city planners.

I drove around the proposed area today and there is going to have to be some real traffic engineering to prevent congestion and obstruction to the Fire Department, brand new and big, directly catty corner from the site. This area already has heavy traffic delays and this was mid day, around lunch time, with little direction or lights for subsequent left hand turns from the proposed Lowe's site and zero shoulders or room left to add lanes (unless we all start driving SMART cars.) This seems like a random proposal at best better to examine the entire CT Avenue corridor proposed by another on this forum and come up with a better solution for the site than a highly trafficked retail store like Lowe's.

I can think of a good location or 3. How about Westport, Wilton, Ridgefield, or Darien? People that live in those towns are primarily the ones that inundate Norwalk every weekend and make it impossible for those of us that actually LIVE and PAY TAXES here to navigate Connecticut Ave and the surrounding area. If you REALLY want to build it in Norwalk, why not level the DMZ that's on Wall Street and adding little economic value and use this as a catalyst to revitalize that neglected part of town?

This is an opportunity for the constituency of Norwalk to become active and have a say in what their community is going to look like. In particular, it would behoove the surrounding neighbors to this property to get organized NOW as to how to respond to Lowe's application. (They will be applying for permits before you know it and your voice will be the LAST one heard after all necessary building permits are obtained.) The article states that "under the plan, Lowe's would demolish the existing buildings." You can count on the Lowe's (or any other big box store) standard of a tip up concrete constructed box with some sort of facade to disguise the big concrete box. All of the present green grass and large trees will be destroyed with asphalt the prevailing pallette and a few sickly looking trees planted in the parking buffers. Unless CT Avenue at this particular location is greatly altered, I would think the amount of traffic congestion would greatly hinder auto traffic. The juxtaposition of the site to the new, enlarged fire station would seem like a huge mark against developing this site with such high trafficked retail. I am certain the developer has found a cheap bit of land in this oft over turned site rather than searching for the most appropriate place (like the large swathes of destroyed and cleared lands at any number of Norwalk locations that sit idle.) So, Lowes can come here and, yes, it probably would be good for that highly valued tax revenue and minimum wage jobs but a more appropriate location should be found. The community must be organized and they must speak to this at City Hall NOW. Glenwood Ave, which is the next street up from Clinton has a combination of condos and single family homes. I just hope that those folks are engaged and have any concerns addressed in a fair fashion as this process moves forward. Norwalk lost good paying jobs that Affinion produced when they elected to move to Stamford. Stamford has had no problem attracting those elitist higher paying jobs you so ignorantly scoff at and has at times taken them away from Norwalk. Maybe we ought to look at why Norwalk loses those jobs only to see them replaced with low paying retail jobs, which is what Lowe's is going to produce.

I'm going to be interested to Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop see how this plays out. First, I can't imagine the residents that own homes on Clinton Avenue are going to want this in their back yard. Secondly, what's going to be done to mitigate the extra trafic this is going to create on CT Ave? Thirdly, this is potentially a public safety issue due to the proximity of this beast to the Buy Cialis Switzerland Central Fire Station. What assurances do we have that this monstrosity being there won't slow down response times? Lastly, what benefit is this going to create for people who actually LIVE in Norwalk? I don't see how a few more low paying jobs is going to "Anabolika Definition" add much value here, and with the number of tax abatements they'll likely extract to build here, it won't add much to the city coffers, either. I just can't get on board.

How horrible that Sustanon 250 3rd Week the old 7 Up plant could become this New Injectable Steroids monstrosity. And Diesel thinks it's great after Lowes paid off the city by giving $20k for a park. Let him go play in traffic on Connecticut Avenue, or let's put a bike lane on Connecticut Avenue!. Lowes lost out on the avenue to Home Depot, let Lowes go find another city where there is neither store. In Fairfield County, land is too valuable for this beast, and let's not forget, the shady developers of the Old Norwalk Building tried to shove housing for the poor on the avenue, which Diesel and the Moccia crew thought was great, but Honest former police chief Rilling prevented that atrocity. Can you imagine kids playing within a car length of that street?

Norwalk needs another big box retail store like it needs another housing project. Seriously. Another place where clowns from places like Redding, Wilton, and Darien can come in and clog up our roads? Connecticut Ave on a weekend is already impossible. This will make it even worse. On top of it, there are actual houses right across Clinton Ave from where this is being proposed. I'm sure they'll love this. Maybe Norwalk needs to look at actually attracting someone to move into the building that's there and create some decent paying Primobolan En Zweten jobs, rather than tearing it down and allowing retail overkill.